Film Circle Screening


Hindi/1989/148 min


Director: Vidhu Vinod Chopra - Parinda follows Kishan (Shroff), who works for the underworld don Anna(Patekar). Kishan's brother Karan (Kapoor) returns home from the UnitedStates after completing his studies. The two brothers are caught on differentsides of morality after Karan decides to avenge his friend's death by Anna.


Swedish/1958/101 min


Director: Ingmar Bergman - The film stars Max von Sydow as a traveling magician named AlbertVogler. Reading reports of a variety of supernatural disturbances atVogler's prior performances abroad, the leading townspeople request thatVogler's troupe provide them with a performance of their act, beforeallowing them before public audiences. The scientifically mindeddisbelievers try to expose them as charlatans, but Vogler has a few tricksup his sleeve.

Stars In Her Hair, Tears In Her Eye

Bulgarian/1977/102 min


Director: Ivan Nichev - When the lead actress in a troupe falls ill, the local teacher plays her part.She decides to join the theater group and shares in their triumphs andhumiliation.


Hindi/1987/137 min


Director: Gulzar - The movie is a powerful story of retrographical middle class India. It isabout the present and past of Mahender and Sudha together as well asseparately. The movie starts with Mahender (Naseeruddin Shah) gettingdown at the railway station and making his way to the waiting room justas it starts to rain heavily. A woman, Sudha (Rekha), is already sitting inthe waiting room. On seeing him, she tries to hide from him but later theyconfront each other.