S V Venkatraman

Fondly known as SVV, S. V. Venkatraman (Born: 25 April 1911) was prominent music composer in south Indian cinema. His association with cinema goes back since the early talkie era. He debuted in the early 30s and worked for approximately five decades till the late 70s and 80s. He worked with major actors, singers from the era including the great M.S. Subbulakshmi, composing for the films like Sakuntalai (1940) and Meera (1945). He also appeared on-screen acted in films and earlier in theatre also. Venkatraman also composed for Doordarshan Kendra and All India. This interview was conducted by Randor Guy on 22nd October 1984 and again in May 1985 at Venkatraman’s residence in Gopalapuram, Madras while he was 75. Madabhushi Rangadorai, fondly known as Randor Guy is a well-known author, columnist and film historian, and also a lawyer by profession. He has written books like “Memories of Madras: Its Movies, Musicians & Men of Letters”, “A History of Tamil Cinema”, “Starlight, Starbright: The Early Tamil Cinema”. Guy has also written fiction novels like “Chaya” and “Kasi”. Language: Tamil, Duration: 1 Hr and 52 Min Note: We would encourage you to use this information for Educational and Research purposes and would appreciate if NFAI is credited for the same.

English translation of the interview