Haribhau Lonare

Haribhau Lonare in his short spanning career as an artist in Marathi films did some important films. He started the film journey with Dadasaheb Phalke’s cinematic portrayal of the Ramayana tale Setu Bandhan (1932). In the later career Lonare worked with celebrated Prabhat Film Company and gave memorable performances in films like V. Shantaram’s Dharmatma (1935), Kunku (1937) and Gopal Krishna (1938).

This interview was conducted by Bapu Watve on 25th May 1987 at Nashik while Haribhau was 82. Bapu Watve was a renowned author on subjects relating to cinema, and studious researcher. He is known for books like “EkHoti Prabhat Nagari”, “Bhartiya Charitramala: Dadasaheb Phalke” and “Bhartiya Cinemache Janak”.

Language : Marathi,    Duration : 19 Min.

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English translation of the interview