Film Circle Screening

Shakha Proshakha

Bengali/1990/130 min


Director: Satyajit Ray,  The tree is Ananda Mazumdar, a retired industrialist famed for his honesty and philanthropy, to the extent of having his town named after him. The branches are the four sons and two spouses. Mazumdar suffers a heart attack and as he hovers in the danger zone, the progeny converges around him Waiting for resolution of their father's health crisis, the four brothers and their families reminisce and relive ideological differences.


Spanish /1979/103 min


Director: Tomás Gutiérrez Alea,  An aristocratic family decides to isolate themselves from the changes brought by the revolution and begin living History in reverse. A surreal voyage from Socialism to cannibalism.


Gujarati/1989/130 min


Director: Pervez Merwanji,  Percy lives with his mother in a residential area of the  Parsi colony in Bombay.  He works in a small Unani drugstore while his  mother goes from house to house and sells homemade sweets and pickles.  One day, Percy discovers a fraud in the office accounts. This event has far-reaching consequences in the lives of Percy and his mother, Banubai.

In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones

English/1989/110 min


Director: Pradip Krishen,  Anand Grover, better known as Annie, repeating his fifth year for the fourth time. At the National Institute of Architecture, struggles to clear his bachelor's degree with one final hurdle-The Thesis. He spends his hours in the hostel which is the best part of his life, by 'giving it those ones' — indulging in daydreams of social uplift. It's his final attempt to clear it. Can he?